The Premier Systems.Com Corrales Website
Is Presently Being Offered For Sale

The Premier Systems.Com Corrales Village Website

In 1996 Gary Kanin and I discussed the idea that the Village should have a Website, and that I should probably be the one to build it. We agreed on several parameters for the Village Website, including:
  • We would try to build it as a useful addition to the Village.

  • It would support the businesses and economic well-being of the Village.

  • It would be built and billed for at a rate that would keep the monthly expenses to the Village affordable.

  • The site would always be kept in good taste.

  • It would be of simple construction, so that school kids, Village employees, and people new to the net or just learning html code could keep it up, manage it, and learn from it as it was turned over to the Village.

Although nothing was certain, and there was no formal agreement, the site was planned as a small project for the good of the Village, and to be handled as an agreement amongst friends. Under those parameters, I built the site much as it is today.

Soon after this, I learned from the grapevine that the Village had issued a "Request For Proposal" to find someone to do a Website for the Village. It was a very ambitious Proposal for a large and quite impressive Website. We then prepared a professionally done proposal for the design and creation of a site of the desired scope. We also made it clear that the proposal we submitted could be scaled back to whatever was really needed. The job however was awarded to a company which had recently left Albuquerque and moved to Santa Fe.

I have kept the origional Corrales Village Website going since then. However, after being in and out of Corrales since 1958 I have found the uncontrolled growth of the area, and the obscene presence of Rio Rancho and Intel, to be more than I can take, and have moved away into the mountains. Since I am no longer a resident of Corrales, I would like to sell the Premier Systems.Com Corrales Village Website.

The Village site is at present twelve pages. It has many local business entities in its business section. It also has pages designed to attract tourists and a resident comment/editorial page. It has an excellent, and carefully groomed, presence on the major search engines of the Web. At present, February, 2005, is is fourth on Google under: corrales new mexico. It is a good looking site, and is constructed of HTML code that is clearly written and can be easily understood by the novice or student. If the Corrales Website was owned and run by a school class, a young peoples group, a charity, or something similar, the income stream that could be generated by the fee from the advertisers involved could be a substantial addition to sports equipment, a computer program or 4H feed.

Call me at 286-1112 to discuss the possible purchase of this Website. I will consider all offers on their merits.

Bruce Moffitt, President
Premier Systems.Com

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